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Tuesday, 22 May, 2018
We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s), (Western Asia) Finding a genuine provider of financial instrument is very challenging but we are certified
Financial Instrument providers in United Kingdom. Presently, we only focus on BG/SBLC for Lease and
Sale transactions. However, our Lease BG/SBLC is 6+2% and Sale ...
Monday, 07 May, 2018
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Thursday, 26 April, 2018
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Saturday, 21 April, 2018
BG / SBLC LEASE OFFER (Melanesia) We are direct to a project Funder who is also known as private lender they specialized in
bank instrument lease and sales their funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment
portfolios without criminal origin.With the group capita...
Sunday, 18 March, 2018
FRESH CUT BG/SBLC FOR LEASE AND PURCHASE (Central Asia) Charm Finance PLC: We are project funder as well as financial lender, We have BG/SBLC, specifically
for BUY/LEASE at a leasing price value Issuance by HSBC London and other 25 top AA rated Bank in
Europe, Middle East or USA. We also secure funding. Our...
Friday, 16 March, 2018
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Monday, 23 October, 2017
We have a direct genuine provider for BG/SBLC. (United Kingdom, Melanesia) We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s), Insurance
Guarantees,Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) medium term note (MTN) and
Third Party Guarantees. which are specifically for sell/lease at leasing price...
Wednesday, 20 September, 2017
We have a direct genuine provider for BG/SBLC... (Europe, Melanesia) We have excellent direct, genuine provider of Fresh Cut BG/SBLC financial instruments specifically
for lease at leasing price of 6+2 of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA
rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. We work directl...
Friday, 15 September, 2017
Fresh Cut BG / SBLC, MTN (Western Europe) Dear sir / ma We offer Fresh Cut BG / SBLC, MTN Specifically for Lease @ (3.0 + 0.5 + X)%.
Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected We are
direct to a provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, a...
BG/SBLC AVAILABLE FOR LEASE (23 Savile Row London W1S 2ET United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand) Dear, Sir/Madam, WE OFFERS LEASE BG AND SBLC LEASING PRICE OF (6+2% 40 +2% ) OF THE FACE
certifiable and verifiable bank instruments via Swift Tr...
Wednesday, 13 September, 2017
UAE and Dubai Free Zone company setup (Belford, Australia & New Zealand) Statutory audit is a legal review on the accuracy of a [company formation in
dubai](https://trcpamco.yolasite.com/ "company formation in dubai") or government
financial records. The statutory audit procedure is similar to any other type of audi...