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Monday, 16 September, 2019
Raised Floor We off all types of [raised floor][1] or [access floor][2] & [perforated tiles][3] for [server
room][4] and [Datacenter][5]. [Raised access floor][6] offered by us are [calcium sulphate][7]
[raised access flooring][8], [woodcore][9] type [raised floor...
Voltage stabilizer, Voltage regulator, AVR (Dubai) We supply Voltage stabilizer[link text][1] or Servo stabilizer[link text][2] or Voltage
Regulator[link text][3] ranging from 500VA to 1000kVA in Dubai[link text][4] & UAE[link
text][5]. Our AVR has following features: 1) Wide input voltage range fr...
Environmental Monitoring of Server room & Datacenter. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring. (Dubai) We offer stand-alone monitoring[link text][1] appliance that provides dynamic, real-time
temperature[link text][2], humidity[link text][3], and dry contact monitoring of computer rooms[link
text][4], data centers[link text][5], and any critical environmen...
Water Leak Detection System (WLDS) We offer [link text][1]Water leak detection system for server room[link text][2], Datacenter[link
text][3], telecommunication room & Industrial applications. Water leakage detection
systems[link text][4] early detects potential water leakage[link t...
CLOSE CONTROL UNIT Close control Unit [link text][1]([link text][2]CCU) also commonly known as [link text][3]Computer
Room Air Conditioner ([link text][4]CRAC) or [link text][5]Precision Air Conditioner (PAC) use for
precise control of Temperature along with Humidity in Se...